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The endless solidity of Stac Pollaidh.
The endless solidity of Stac Pollaidh.
And the glorious Mediterranean at
Port-Vendres in SW France.

The New Normal  is a series of articles documenting my travels through the unfamiliar yet intriguing world of cancer, surgery and chemotherapy  The series is hosted by www.oapschat.co.uk (that's 'Optimistic and Pro-active Seniors' lest there be confusion...) so huge thanks to Jan Rosser and her team for providing a home for these writings.  They will be available from Monday 5th September 2016 and will run for 16 episodes until 19th Dec 2016, with occasional updates as and when.  Thank you for reading!


Episode 1  - The Suspicious Consultant

Episode 2  - An Almond-Sized Intruder

Episode 3  - The Missing Fortnight

Episode 4  - The Joy of Anaesthetic

Episode 5  - Post-Operative Blues

Episode 6  - Waiting for Chemo

Episode 7  - Club Med 2016

Episode 8  - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Episode 9  - Ooh a Pink Cake... 

Episode 10 - Side effects and Adele

Episode 11 - Excuse My Dust

Episode 12 - Floored by Chemo

Episode 13 - Fighting Talk

Episode 14 - 24 Hours of Side-Effects

Episode 15 - The Eviction Drama

Episode 16 - A Final Overview

Episode 17 - Pizzagate





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